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You are guilty!

You are guilty!

You have attacked the ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gazza.

You have sent upon us fully geared military forces.

You have waged a war against compassion, mercy, friendship and solidarity stemming from 33 countries.

You have mercilessly shot the helpless and civilian people from the head.

You have incarcerated 360 friends of ours.

You have attacked our brothers and sisters whose sole purpose was to give determination, joy and hope of life to the whole world.

You defended your savagery.

You did not heed humanity's warning to stop.

As the goverment of Israel, you have committed a crime against humanity.

You are guilty.

We herewith charge you as guilty before the world public opinion!

And should you not cease this horrible wrongdoing bordering on insanity...

And should you continue to trample upon the universal values common to all of humankind...

You will end up turning the whole civilized world against you.

And as for us...

In the name of civilization, humanity and in the name of peace...

We shall continue to fight against you until our last breath.


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